Advanced Tire Glue for superior performance

Juju Chemicals is a prominent tyre sealant supplier in the sector. We are proud to introduce a specially designed tire glue meant to endure the modern requirements of the vehicle and tire repair industries. Our product is the ideal choice for companies looking to offer advanced service since it guarantees strong and long-lasting bonding, which is crucial for tire performance and safety.


Made to be Strong and Long-lasting

Our tire glue is built to provide firm adhesion and long-term durability. It is designed to withstand temperature fluctuations encountered during operation, thus providing a safe bond that improves tire performance. Whether fixing small cuts or blisters or bonding tires together, our glue offers a bond that you are in safe hands.


Quick to work and Lasting

Speed and efficiency are crucial for the manufacturing and tire repair process. Our tire glue has the properties to be set fast enough. Therefore, reducing time and overall productivity is increased. 


Quality and Convenient Shipping Conditions as Our Promise

At Juju Chemicals, quality assurance and monitoring are core tenets of our production process. We, therefore, ensure that every batch of our tire glue passes the required tests to meet and exceed industry standards for strength and durability. We offer multiple and efficient shipping options to ensure the timeliness of our operations and provide good service. While this can be domestically or internationally, our well-organized logistics guarantee that your goods are delivered within the time frame and in a safe condition.


Safety and Compliance

Juju Chemicals works to provide a safe and environmentally accountable experience. We have also developed tire glue, considered less harmful as it contains a minimum amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and fumes. It is designed to meet all the safety and environmental standards required by law for installations, helping you comply with regulations and protect your team members when working.

Discover our tire glue as a next-generation service enhancement tool to improve product reliability. Contact our expert sales team to learn more about our products or discuss your custom adhesive needs.