Casting Rubber

Two-component, one liquid is the glue, one liquid is the hardener, the two liquids are mixed, in order to harden, mainly acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and other components of the AB adhesive.

Highly transparent performance, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to humidity and heat and atmospheric aging, no heating, room temperature curing, bonding material cured without trace of perfection.

The cured material has good electrical and physical properties such as insulation, compression resistance and low shrinkage.

High bonding strength, after glue application and positioning, the final use of auxiliary stickers to prevent shifting or moving, to optimize the bonding effect.

Casting Rubber

7705AB adhesive is an epoxy AB glue with deep and thorough curing, high/low-temperature resistance, and safe post-curing performance. It is environmentally friendly, free from formaldehyde emissions.
Usage Scenarios:Suitable for automotive, machinery, new energy, medical, aerospace, maritime, electronics, instruments, power supply, high-speed rail, and other industries.

Product Weight:32G

Shelf Life:24 months


7701AB epoxy adhesive High/low-temperature resistant, high viscosity, impact-resistant, weather-resistant, and moisture-resistant. Unique design for even dispensing and convenient application.

Usage Scenarios:Ideal for bonding and repairing in automotive, machinery, furniture, lighting, ceramics, daily necessities, and handicraft industries.

Product Weight:40G

Shelf Life:24 months


AB-20 adhesive Acrylic AB glue with fast room temperature curing, excellent workability, and notable features like impact resistance, high-temperature durability, and water resistance.

Usage Scenarios:Adhesive for resin crafts, plastic toys, ceramic crafts, furniture, iron, stainless steel, and bonding of wood, as well as artificial stone.

Product Capacity:20ML

Shelf Life:24 months


7707 Exceptional flexibility, oil and water resistance, high/low-temperature durability, and resistance to humid heat and atmospheric aging. Cured material features excellent insulation, compressive strength, and low shrinkage.

Usage Scenarios:Bonds metals, ceramics, plastics; ideal for coatings, glass pasting, casting electrical components, and sealing electronics.

Product Weight:100G

Shelf Life:24 months