Main Ingredient Methyl acrylate

Product Attributes

·Appearance (uncured):Blue liquid LMS

·Fluorescent:≥Fluorescent properties LMs

·Composition:Single-component - no mixing required


·Curing Method : Anaerobic



·Temp Range:-54℃~150℃

Unique Features

·Quick curing: Single-component, thixotropic, oil-resistant, medium-strength, excellent heat aging resistance.

·Oil solubility: Excellent for use on inert surfaces such as stainless steel and plated surfaces.

·Degreasing: Easy disassembly with standard tools, suitable for lightly oily surfaces.


Shelf Life15 Months


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Product Application

For locking and sealing threaded fasteners that require periodic disassembly, especially on less reactive metal surfaces like stainless steel or plated surfaces.



Usage Method

Before use, clean the oil-free surface with a cleaning agent for the best locking and sealing results.

To use, unscrew the front cover and wipe any adhesive residue from the nozzle. Apply a few drops of adhesive to the bonding material, then tighten to the specified torque.

After tightening, the initial fixation is generally achieved in 10-20 minutes at room temperature (this may take 1-2 hours in winter, especially during the summer).

After use, please store the adhesive in a cool and dry place.

For disassembly, choosing a medium to low viscosity anaerobic adhesive allows for easy removal with a standard wrench.


Store the product in its original, unopened packaging in a cool and dry place. The ideal storage condition for this product is within the 8-21°C temperature range. It is not recommended to store the product below 8°C or above 28°C.

To prevent contamination of unused adhesive, do not pour any adhesive back into the original packaging. Products used outside the packaging box may be at risk of contamination during use.

This product should not be used in pure oxygen or oxygen-rich environments and should not be used as a sealing material for chlorine gas or other strong oxidizing substances.