Main Ingredientα-cyanoacrylate ethyl ester

Product Attributes

·Cure Time:8s(carbon steel,25℃,60%RH)

·Strength:≥15Mpa(24Hcarbon steel)

·Temp Range:-20~125(℃)



·Dry Color:Clear


Unique Features

·Durability:Specially designed for nail art, provides strong and quick, three-second air-drying, and offers super durability.

·Design Features:Comes with its own brush for precise adhesive application.

·Convenience: Applies evenly with a single brush, easy to use, no need for UV light exposure.

·Safety: Special adhesive remover for easy nail removal without damaging the natural nail.

·Aesthetics: Nail application without whitening, no bubbles, dries quickly, and looks beautiful and attractive.

·Environmental Property:Free from solvents such as methylene chloride and chloroform.


Shelf Life15Months


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Product Application

Extensively used in the nail industry, this product is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and safe for health. It offers vibrant, translucent colors, easy application, and long-lasting shine, combining the best features of other adhesives.



Usage Method

Before applying the nail tip with adhesive, simply clean the nail surface; there's no need for roughening it, as the adhesive ensures a strong bond.

Apply adhesive: After cleaning the nail tip, apply adhesive to a quarter of the nail tip, controlling the amount, and spread it evenly.

Apply the nail tip: Press the tip from the inside of the nail towards the outside.

Secure: Firmly press and hold the nail tip for 8-10 seconds for enhanced durability.

After application, try to keep the nail tip dry for at least 4 hours to allow the adhesive to achieve optimal bonding.


Store the product in a dry, cool place, out of reach of children.

After use, make sure to securely close the bottle cap.

Avoid skin contact. If adhesive splashes into the eyes, do not rub with hands to prevent corneal abrasion from adhesive hardening. Keep eyes open, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water, and seek immediate medical attention.

To remove adhesive from the skin, soak in warm soapy water.