Main Ingredientα-cyanoacrylate ethyl ester

Product Attributes

·Cure Time:≤5s(carbon steel,25℃,60%RH)

·Strength:≥15Mpa(24Hcarbon steel)

·Temp Range:-20~125(℃)



·Dry Color:Clear


·Generality:Suitable for bonding various materials.

·Quick Set:Quick initial curing time, with very fast bonding speed for plastics, rubber, metal, and more.

·Temperature Resistant:It can exhibit strong adaptability to both low and high temperatures, maintaining excellent bonding performance.

·Low Viscosity:The adhesive has excellent fluidity and outstanding extensibility.

·Impact Resistant:The product possesses excellent impact resistance, enhancing the uniformity of bonded part deformation.

·Flexibility:It retains a degree of flexibility even after curing, making it especially suitable for bonding soft materials to each other.

Shelf Life5G

Package15 Months


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Product Application

Widely used for shoe repair and bonding, especially in leather shoes, plastic shoes, and canvas shoes. It also exhibits strong bonding performance on various materials, including rubber, plastic, toys, jewelry, metal, and handicrafts.



Usage Method

Remove oil, dust, and surface contaminants from the materials to be bonded. Apply adhesive to one bonded surface, then gently press the other bonded surface for a few seconds to complete the bond.

When using, simply squeeze out an appropriate amount of adhesive.

If you need to accelerate the adhesive curing time, you can use our company's accelerator in combination.


Store the product in a dry, cool place, out of reach of children.

The product can cause irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract. For extended or extensive use, it is recommended to operate in a well-ventilated area.

Avoid skin contact. If adhesive splashes into the eyes, do not rub with hands to prevent corneal abrasion from adhesive hardening. Keep eyes open, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water, and seek immediate medical attention.

To remove adhesive from the skin, soak in warm soapy water.

Use PE (polyethylene) gloves, avoid rubber (bonding risk), and cotton (chemical reaction, high-temperature burns).If it comes into contact with the skin through clothing, immediately rinse with plenty of clean water to prevent skin burns.

Do not ingest. In case of accidental ingestion, induce vomiting and seek immediate medical attention.

Keep the nozzle clean after use.